The key to a better built environment is better information management. Zutec helps asset owners, builders and developers derive meaningful value from robust data to create buildings and infrastructure that last longer and function more efficiently.

From small jobs like residential developments to massive infrastructure schemes, Zutec software has supported countless stakeholders through the design, construction and facilities management stages of their asset lifecycles. With CDE, BIM, PIM, AIM, digital O&Ms and more, Zutec has all the tools needed to drive productivity, deliver efficiency, support safety and ensure enduring quality.

Createmaster are market leaders in the delivery of structured data, asset information and O&M solutions to the UK construction industry. Operating in a tight niche, the company specialises in supporting stakeholders in the sourcing, management and collation of building information needed to facilitate smooth asset handovers.

Guided by the maxim ‘do what you say you will do’, Createmaster delivers best-in-class solutions which help it to attract and retain the UK’s top contractors, developers and university estates.

Resi-Sense revolutionises the way developers manage their built assets and communicate with residents. The Resi-Sense service guarantees the delivery of accurate and concise property-specific and development-wide information with features that support the efficiency and integrity of the facility.
By collating handover data and then presenting it in a concise, user-friendly way, Resi-Sense enhances the resident experience from sales and marketing through to reservation and occupation. Developers benefit from reduced aftercare requests, streamlined asset management and unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.

Bond Bryan Digital are market leaders in the provision of consultancy and advice related to ISO19650 & BIM structured data. Specialising in Information Management, Clash Detection and specialist BIM consultancy services to both Clients and Contractors, Bond Bryan Digital have established themselves as a leading-edge consultancy in the rapidly expanding UK Digital Construction space by supporting clients to define and deliver their information requirements.