BuildData operates a suite of companies that help property developers, asset owners, contractors and facility management teams derive meaningful value from data throughout the entire building lifecycle.

All too often building data is disorganised, inaccurate and duplicated, sometimes all the way from design and construction through to operation. These costly inconsistencies don’t just compromise the performance of the built environment but also the performance of the companies which operate anywhere within its supply chain.

Through data – the sector’s most valuable asset – we are helping to eradicate these inconsistencies. Our combination of software and services provides greater transparency, empowering our customers to make better decisions and improve productivity.

We are digitalising industries that have been too slow to adopt technology for too long. And because the tech never stops evolving, BuildData will never stop finding new ways to deliver value for our customers and sustain long-term growth for our Group.


The BuildData story begins in 2021, evolving out of our subsidiaries, Zutec, Createmaster and Resi-Sense.

If there is one common thread which ties these ConTech and PropTech companies together, it’s how they utilise data throughout the building lifecycle. Their enduring success speaks volumes of our expertise in this area.

But BuildData is not interested in focussing on the past. We are focused on the future and finding new, better ways to leverage technology for our customers.

Looking forwards, we will continue to disrupt as we grow, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, in the construction and property sectors.


BuildData acquires, operates and grows companies that utilise technology to derive meaningful value from data throughout the building lifecycle.


An improved built-environment that better harnesses technology and data to drive efficiency, sustainability and wellbeing.

Business Model

Through our blend of software and services we provide lasting value for our customers across the entire building lifecycle, from design collaboration to construction and throughout facilities management. Our brands are subscription and SaaS based and come with a high level of support and maintenance. This provides stability and long-term profitability for the Group.


With a focus on extracting value from the data across the entire building lifecycle, we build recurring and predictable revenue in our priority markets which include the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Australia. We strive for best-in-class products and unparalleled expertise and seek complimentary acquisitions which support that mission. Shareholder value remains a top priority in every decision that we make.

Financial targets

BuildData aims to reach SEK 200 million in sales by 2024.


Restless innovation

… because even the best can get better


… because nothing worth doing
is easy


… because people, communities and our planet deserve it.